Architectural Renovation Services


The job of an interior designer doesn’t need to be limited to design choices. We can help transform these ideas and selections into a formed plan when it comes to renovations and remodels.

Some people will use the terms interior design and architecture interchangeably, but that should not be the case, although the disciplines share similarities. In fact, the term interior architecture often melds the two.

Baltimore Architectural Renovation involves bringing the right amount of professionals together to make a project sing.

We use the software Chief Architect to help map out our designs. At The Baltimore Interior Designer, We pride ourselves as constructive designers.

When a project grows beyond just a few rooms or is located in a historic home, oftentimes it is prudent to bring in licensed architects to help scale it. We partner with several excellent architects and firms to produce this.

We can help develop plans that cover the scope of work that fits any project.

We not only guide you through the planning process, but we help select contractors to put these designs and drawings together into the look and feel you desire.

The best outcome is when the designer (us), the architect and the builder come together in a frictionless, collaborative effort to solve your design problem and put your wishes into reality.

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