A growing trend in interior design is for clients to frame a specific look to fit their space through the use of custom-made furniture.

There are many outlets that provide this production service and we can help design something to fit your look and space to build there.

Whether it be a side table to complement your sofa, or vice versa, this is a growing part of the Baltimore Interior Designer business.

Custom storage units, especially in small spaces afforded to city residents, can add the ideal function to your apartment or office and we can build a concept that fits your room and budget like a glove.

We take great care in selecting materials and fabrics that complement the simplicity or sophistication you are seeking. Look and comfort are top priorities.

Spruce up that home office

The 2020 pandemic changed so many things, including how we can adapt to working from home. Even as 2021 may provide less restrictions and allow many to go back to the office, some of us will choose to work remotely permanently.

Home office design has been at the forefront of custom furniture choices in work environments for some time, but now we want that space to look good not only for ourselves but our colleagues and clients who are watching us.

Go green or go…

Environmentally conscious homeowners have done so much to help reduce their footprint on mother nature, using renewable energy, recycling every piece of waste possible and repurposing items.

Even when helping to create unique, luxurious furniture pieces, we only work with the best carpenters and producers for environmentally-friendly production methods. We try to use eco-friendly furniture even when the client doesn’t mention it.

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