Fine Art Curation Services


Finding the right piece of art for space can make a major difference in turning a good room into a spectacular room.

This isn’t rocket science. We aren’t museum curators, but rather interior decorators. Your living room or office isn’t a gallery for an art exhibition. Yet we can make it feel like one with careful choices.

At Baltimore Interior Designer we put a lot of diligence into helping you choose what defines your space. We’ll give you options from contemporary art to different aspects of the art world.

The right work of art will only add to your room’s appeal. Local artists and prints from well-known artists each can make such vast distinctions.

Repurposing furniture and pieces -- such as a door or cabinet or desk -- and plenty of space planning before a remodel can add a touch of bridging the eras of your space.

Our functional and alluring style will add the right spice to your home, office, or hospitality design space.

We have established relationships with several of the best galleries and art collections in the Greater Baltimore Area, giving us many options to fit your budget and style.

Even small spaces can change dramatically with the proper touch.

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