Bath Design and Renovation Example

Materials and Fabric Selection

The texture of how the materials and fabric in your space and how they play off each other can make or break a room.

This is essential for your home, small business, or whatever space you are designing for.

If the finish of your tile, woods, stones, and wall patterns are in deep contrast, it can throw off a design. The same applies to your textile choices.

Selection of paints, wood, metal, and fabric finishes is vital to the foundation of your design.

You want the materials to fit your style and design tastes, but you must factor the functionality. Do you have young children that will be using the space often? If so, some of the finer materials may not be a good fit due to constant maintenance.

But we don’t stop there. After those hard materials are selected, we need to work on fabrics.

Your furniture upholstery, drapery, curtains, carpeting, area rugs, etc., must also fit into the design or else you could run into deeper problems.

Again, is this a high-use room? Then the upholstery needs durability and more than likely a darker color.

And it isn’t just furniture. Accessories as small as a throw pillow or blanket will fit or contrast with the patterns already set.

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