Paint & Palette Selection Services


Choosing the correct colors is a crucial tool in the interior design process. You may spend the least amount of money on paint in your design or remodel, but it may be the most transforming decision you make.

Working together with Baltimore Interior Designer to generate color palettes will define your space for years to come.

Interior paint colors must fit your taste and serve as the proper background to how you define and design your space. We understand the psychological effects and meaning of color in different spaces. They can make the room dramatic, calm, bright or comfortable.

We’ll take you on a color hunt to see what wall color appeals to you during the paint selection. Oftentimes popular paint colors may seem appealing but do not fit with your overall goals.

We aim to keep the process simple and avoid anxiety.

The primary color paint selection

Using a color wheel or color schemes generator, we’ll help use choose the main color for a room or set of rooms.

This will dictate secondary colors for smaller parts of walls and signature furniture pieces. Or if you already have a signature piece, we can work in reverse to find the primary color that plays off that accent.

This choice also goes into formulating what the trim color will be. Remember these are the color combinations you will be living or working in for the future.

In the White Room with Black Curtains

Enough about the Cream lyrics, but knowing your white paint makes all the difference. You can paint the ceiling with a clean white, but knowing the tinted undertones is pivotal to what you will be showcasing.

Know your room’s personality

The proper color shade can define a room. Is this how you want the dining room to look like? What separates your living room from a man cave?

Finish it off

Satin or semi-gloss? Or both? The right finish or combination of finishes on different walls can help shape an open room or make a small room look like a cathedral or something like that.

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