Bath Design and Renovation Example

Project Management

The job of an interior designer can range from helping a client make some choices around a small or large project to coordinating an entire renovation or remodel of multiple rooms or an entire house.

Before even making one decision, project management processes dictate that we need to find out the rules or building codes of your apartment building or condo complex when it comes to renovations. Navigating a co-op board’s approval process is vital from the start.

This also includes any municipality permits that may be needed.

A management plan includes designing the project by helping to bid out the work to different contractors and giving the client an informed analysis of who to work with.

Interior designers work with various contractors, subcontractors, tradesmen, and fabricators on a project plan. Project objectives could cross paths with as many as a dozen or more companies or workers.

Having the right people or design firms overseeing your remodel can make all the difference for successful projects.

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