Tabletop Design Services


You already have a splendid design for your living room, den or dining room, but elevating that look takes a keen eye.

Having the perfect antique coffee table is a foundational start. What you place on that table and how you place it can transform a room. Curation is often an untapped resource in interior design.

Part of the design process at Baltimore Interior Designer is to help you find the right pieces to complete your look. Books, place settings, antique pieces, and live or imitation flowers will bring added style and poise to your room.

Dining room tables are the hub of a family discussion and togetherness. The style elements you use on the table should reflect that.

A piece of craftsmanship or china set can set that surface apart.

Changeup the elements you use

Sure, coffee table books are a tried and true addition to a coffee table. Perhaps a glass artwork or a bowl filled with colorful items will do the trick. The right vase and flower arrangement can give that space elegance.

On an office desk, surface space may be limited, but not your ideas.

Add sparkle to forgotten surfaces

Don’t let the top of your toilet remain empty, just telling the visitor this is just a toilet. The right amount of bathroom tools in just the right look can elevate a space we often overlook.

Of bookshelves and countertops

Let us guess, you put books on your bookshelves. Is that all. The piece of art can break up the monotony of even the most impressive book collections.

Kitchen countertops are valuable real estate in the home, Make sure they stand out without sacrificing the utility of that space.

Create tabletop surfaces

Adding a bar cart to a dining room or entertainment space can do wonders. There are so many accessories that look brilliant, including the liquor!

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